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Thanet Creative Writers: Cup and pens
Thanet Creative Writers are a collective of writers from Thanet, Kent, UK.

Thanet Creative Writers

Thanet Creative Writers started when, in 2010 Matthew Brown published a message asking if other writers would be interested in starting a new group. By 2013 they were meeting regularly.

For a short time Thanet Creative Writers experimented with calling themselves Thanet Writers but soon returned to the name that they had chosen to start with. An off shoot group decided to retain the shorter name and were left to their own devices.

Thanet Creative Writers hold weekly gatherings to facilitate supporting writers and to create a forum for discussion and feedback. These meetings have been held in a number of venues over the years. Usually, Thanet Creative Writers meetings are hosted by Matthew Brown.

In Feburary of 2017 Thanet Creative Writers became a charity.

Thanet Creative Writers: Tea and Chat

Thanet Creative Writers run a regular weekly meeting for writers called "Thanet Creative Writers: Tea and Chat".

Tea and Chat is a gathering with no agenda. TCW talk about whatever the writers have on their minds that week. Often this involves discussions about the things that have been inspiring the writers as well as critique and feedback from current work.

The exact format of the evening differes only slightly from week to week but some weeks can be quite different. For example, one week the group spent the evening revising a CV which resulted in the CV owner getting two interviews the following week.

Tea and chat is hosted by Matthew Brown in his home.

If you write, then you are a writer.


Thanet Creative Writers changed this year. Instead of only being a writers' group TCW will become a charity that also runs writers' groups (among other things).

You are a writer

Thanet Creative Writers have consitantly held that: If you write, then you are a writer

Based in Thanet

Thanet Creative Writers are based in Thanet, Kent, UK. You can read more about Thanet here.



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